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Model 36-60

  • The Cadillac series 36-60, a new model for 1936 was more than a LaSalle, but less than a full size Cadillac.
  • It had the same concept as the LaSalle, but with the Cadillac name.
  • It was smaller, shorter, lighter, less powerful, less expensive, but with full Cadillac quality.
  • It was also limited to three body styles, by Fisher.
  • The Convertible Coupe had a rumble seat, but the closed Coupe had only a small folding seat inside for an extra passenger.
  • Both these body styles had a single fenderwell on the side opposite the driver.
  • The Vee windshield, grill and fender treatment were the same as on the larger V-8's.
  • The engine was the same new engine as in the Fleetwood bodies V-8's, but with a 9.5mm smaller bore.
  • The transmission was the smaller unit, similar to that in the LaSalle.
  • Many dimensions were less than on the larger V-8's, to fit the concept of a lower priced, less pretentious, but equally high-quality product.


1936 Cadillac

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1936 Cadillac Model 60 Touring

  • Engine numbers were on top of the crankcase, just behind the fan support.
  • Starting: 6010001.
  • Ending: 6016712.


Model NumberModelSeatingPriceWeight
36-6077Coupe2$16451741 kg
36-6067Convertible Coupe2$17251791 kg
36-6019Transformable Sedan5$16951823 kg


TypeNinety degree, L-head
CylindersEight cylinders
BlockCast iron block (blocks cast enbloc with crankcase)
Bore & Stroke85.7mm x 114.3mm
Displacement5.280 Liters
Compression Ratio6.25:1
Brake Horsepower125 hp @ 3400 rpm
Power93.2 kW @ 3400 rpm
SAE/Taxable Horsepower36.45
Main bearingsThree
Valve liftersHydraulic
CarburetorStromberg EE-25


1936 Cadillac

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1936 Cadillac Model 60

Overall length4978mm
Height1670mm - 1715mm
Front Tread1473mm
Rear Tread1499mm
Tires7.00 x 16.


TransmissionSelective, synchro transmission.
Speeds3 Forward, 1 Reverse.
ControlsLeft Hand Drive, center control, emergency lever at left under panel (rhd opt).
ClutchSingle disc clutch.
DriveShaft drive, Hotchkiss.
AxleSemifloating rear axle
Drive TypeSpiral bevel drive.
BrakesHydraulic brakes on four wheels.
WheelsDisc wheels.
Wheel size16 in.


1936 Cadillac

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1936 Cadillac Model 60

Sidemount cover(s)$20.00
Master Radio$89.50
Standard Radio$54.50
Seat covers 
Flexible steering wheel$16.00
Trim rings$1.50 each
Wheel discs$4.00 each


1936 Cadillac Notes

  • Introduced: October, 1935.
  • Model year production of Series 60: 6700.
  • Model year production Series 70: 2000.
  • Model year production Series 75: 3227
  • Model year production Series 80: 250.
  • Model year production Series 85: 651.
  • Model year production Series 90: 52.
  • Nicholas Dreystadt was general manager
  • Ernest W. Seaholm was chief engineer
  • William Mitchell was chief designer (Cadillac Studio)
  • Don E. Ahrens was general sales manager
  • For the first time since 1914, Cadillacs were designated as a year model - "The 1936 Cadillacs." Annual model changes and introduction in the Fall of the year would now become regular practice.