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  • The first Firebird was made at Lordstown, Ohio, in early January 1967.
  • Pontiac offered both a coupe and a convertible on February 23, 1967.
  • The basic structure of the 1967 Firebird was based on the Camaro.
  • The sheet metal of the front fenders, door skins, and rear quarters were borrowed from the Camaro.
  • Pontiac added the split front grille, a beaked hood, and taillights patterned after the GTO.
  • External features included:
    • sculptured body styling
    • twin grilles of a bumper-integral design
    • front vent windows
    • three vertical air slots on the leading edge of the rear body panels
  • Although the frame and shell was borrowed from the Camaro, the engines were built by Pontiac.
  • Some think that the overhead cam engine was the exclusive choice of European and Japanese cars while American cars favored only the pushrod overhead valve engines.
  • However, Pontiac fielded an overhead cam (OHC) inline six cylinder engine with 230 cid (3.8-liter) producing 165 horsepower (gross rating) fueled through a one-barrel carburetor.
  • The OHC engine could be beefed up with a four-barrel carburetor and an increased compression ratio (from 9:1 to 10.5:1) and thus produce 215 hp.
  • The six cylinder engine could be mated to one of three transmission options:
    • Three-speed manual
    • Four-speed manual
    • Two-speed Powerglide automatic
  • Because the horsepower pony race was on, many buyers chose the V8 engine to compete with Mustang and Camaro.
  • Again there were four V8 engine options:
    • 250-hp two-barrel 326 cid
    • 285-hp four-barrel 326 cid
    • 325-hp four-barrel 400 cid
    • 335-hp ram air four-barrel 400 cid
  • Four transmission options were available:
    • Three-speed manual
    • Four-speed manual
    • Two-speed Powerglide automatic
    • Three-speed Turbo-hydramatic automatic
  • Bucket seats were standard.
  • Two body styles (coupe and convertible) were offered and came with any of the Tempest or GTO power trains.
  • However, the two body styles were marketed in five "model-options" created by adding RPOs in specific combinations.
  • Production records were not kept according to the RPO packages, but by the number of sixes and V-8s built with standard or deluxe appointments.
  • The model-option such as Sprint, H.O., and 400 are described in the optional equipment section below.


VIN Location Left front door post
Position Character Description
1 2 General Motors: Pontiac Division
2 & 3 23 Body series: Firebird
4 & 5 67 Convertible
37 Hardtop
6 7 Year: 1967
7 V Assembled in Lordstown, Ohio
8 to 13 100001 to 182560 Production sequence


Model Synchromesh Transmission Automatic Transmission Total
Standard ohc six Firebirds 5,258 5,597 10,855
Standard V-8 Firebirds 8,224 15,301 23,525
Deluxe ohc six Firebirds 2,963 3,846 6,809
Deluxe V-8 Firebirds 11,526 29,845 41,371
Totals 27,971 54,589 82,560


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
223 22337
1967 firebird coupe
2-door Hardtop
5 $2666 2955 67,032
223 22367
1967 firebird convertible
2-door Convertible
5 $2903 3247 15,528


FEATURE Base 6 Sprint 6 Tempest 8 Tempest 8 GTO 8 HO 8
BlockCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast Iron
Displacement230 cid230 cid326 cid326 cid400 cid400 cid
Bore & Stroke3.85"x3.25"3.85"x3.25"3.718"x3.75"3.718"x3.75"4.125"x3.746"4.125"x3.746"
Compression Ratio9.0:110.5:19.2:110.75:110.75:110.75:1
Brake HP165 @ 4700 rpm215@5200 rpm250@4600 rpm285@4600 rpm335@5000 rpm325@4800 rpm
Main bearings    55
Valve LiftersHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
model 7027167
model 7025071
model 7027071


Three-speed manual transmission w/floor shift
Three-speed manual transmission with full-synchromesh
Four-speed manual transmission
Automatic transmission with base OHC-6
Automatic transmission with 326-cid V-8


Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Firebird 108" 188.4" 60" 60" E70 x 14


Dual-stage air cleaner$9
Custom air conditioner$343
Cruise control$53
Remote control deck lie$13
Head rests$42
Remote control outside mirror$7
Rally gauge cluster$84
Power antenna$29
AM/FM radio$134
Reclining right-hand bucket seat$84
Stereo tape player$128
Tilt steering$42
Three-speed manual transmission w/floor shift$42
Three-speed manual transmission with full-synchromesh$84
Four-speed manual transmission$184
Automatic transmission with base OHC-6$226
Automatic transmission with 326-cid V-8$195
Wire wheel discs$53 - $70
Rally I wheels$40 - $57
Rally II wheels$56 - $72


Firebird Sprint
  • 215-hp ohc six with a four-barrel carburetor.
  • A floor-mounted three speed manual transmission
  • Heavy-duty suspension
  • Body sill moldings with "3.8 Liter Overhead Cam" emblems
  • Body side racing stripes (optional)
  • The convertible was priced $3019 and the coupe was $2782.
  • Additional weight over respective base models was 55 pounds.
Firebird 326
  • 250-hp version of the base Tempest V-8 with a two-barrel carburetor.
  • Convertible was priced $2998 and weighed 3415 pounds.
  • Coupe was priced $2761 and weighed 3123 pounds
Firebird 326-H.O.
  • 285-hp version of base Tempest V-8
  • Four-barrel carburetor
  • Three-speed manual transmission with column shift
  • Dual exhausts
  • H.O. side stripes
  • Heavy-duty battery
  • F70 x 14 wide oval tires
  • Convertible was priced $3062
  • Coupe was priced $2825
Firebird 400
  • 325-hp version of the GTO V-8
  • Four-barrel carburetor.
  • Dual scoop hood
  • Chrome engine parts
  • Three-speed heavy-duty floor shift
  • Sport-type suspension
  • The letters "400" appeared on the right-hand side of the deck lid.
  • The convertible was priced $3177 and the coupe was $2777.
  • Options included a Ram-Air induction setup that gave 325 hp at a higher rpm peak and cost over $600 extra


215-hp Sprint10 seconds17.5 seconds
325-hp Firebird 4006.4 seconds14.3 seconds
325-hp Firebird 400 14.7 @ 98 mph


1967 Firebird Notes

  • The Firebird debuted Feb. 23, 1967.
  • A "Fitchbird" (a performance-oriented package for Firebirds) was marketed by racing car builder and driver John Fitch.
  • It had a 400-cid or 428-cid V-8 and the so-called "His-And-Her" transmission that allowed conventional shifting of the automatic gear selector.


1967 firebird
1967 Firebird Convertible
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird Convertible
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird Convertible
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird Convertible
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird
1967 firebird
1967 Firebird