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  • The 1975 Firebirds looked very much the same as the 1974 models except for a new roofline with a wrap-around backlight (i.e., rear window).
  • High-Efficiency ignition was added to the equipment list
  • Radial-tuned suspension was added to the equipment list
  • The base model had conventional wipers and minimal trim
  • Esprits had concealed wipers, decor moldings, door handle inserts, and signature script on the roof pillar
  • The base engine for the Esprit was the Chevy-built 105 hp 6-cyl
  • Formulas featured heavy-duty chassis and distinctive twin hood scoops
  • The Trans Ams had flares, spoilers, extractors, shaker hood scoop, and Firebird decals
  • At the beginning of the year, the biggest engine for the Trans Am was the 400 cid V-8; but by midyear, the 455 cid V-8 was back. However, it had single exhausts and a catalytic converter. It yielded only 200 hp.
  • Because the maximum horsepower dropped from 290 to 200, the M40 automatic was discontinued in favor of the M38 automatic.


VIN Location On top of dash at left, viewable through windshield
Position Character Description
12General Motors: Pontiac Division
2SBasic Firebird
TFirebird Esprit
UFirebird Formula
VTrans Am
3 & 487hardtop coupe
5_Engine code (see listing in engine section)
65Year: 1975
7_Assembly plant
8 to 13100001 and upproduction sequence


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
2FSS872-door Hardtop Base Firebird - 6 cyl4$37133386 22,293
both 6 & V8
2FSS872-door Hardtop Base Firebird - V84$38433610
2FTT872-door Hardtop Esprit - 6 cyl4$39583431 20,826
2FTT872-door Hardtop Esprit - V84$40883655
2FUU872-door Hardtop Formula4$4349363113,670
2FVV872-door Hardtop Trans Am4$4740371627,274


MODEL CodeTypeDisplacementCarbCompressionNet HP
Base Firebird (std)D6-cyl250 cid1-V8.25:1105 @ 3800 rpm
Base Firebird (opt) (not Calif.)MV-8350 cid2-V7.6:1155 @ 4000 rpm
Base Firebird (opt)JV-8350 cid4-V7.6:1175 @ 4400 rpm
Esprit (std)D6-cyl250 cid1-V8.25:1105 @ 3800 rpm
Esprit (opt) (not Calif.)MV-8350 cid2-V7.6:1155 @ 4000 rpm
Esprit (opt)JV-8350 cid4-V7.6:1175 @ 4400 rpm
Formula (std)JV-8350 cid4-V7.6:1175 @ 4400 rpm
Formula (opt)S (L78)V-8400 cid4-V7.6:1185 @ 3600 rpm
Trans Am (std)S (L78)V-8400 cid4-V7.6:1185 @ 3600 rpm
Trans Am (opt)Y (L75)V-8455 cid4-V7.6:1200 @ 3500 rpm


3-speed manual
4-speed manual
M38 Turbo-Hydra-Matic


Wheelbase Overall length Front tread Rear tread
108.1 in. 196 in. 60 in. 60 in.


AM/FM stereo$213
Cassette tape deck$130
Vinyl top$99


Trans Am L78 (185 hp)9.8 seconds16.8 seconds


1975 Firebird Notes

  • All Firebirds sold in California required the M38 Turbo-Hydra-Matic transmission
  • 8314 Firebirds had the 6-cyl engine
  • 26,417 Trans Ams had the 400-cid four-barrel (L78) engine
  • Of these L78 engined Trans Ams, 20,277 had the automatic transmission while only 6140 had synchromesh manual transmission
  • 857 Trans Ams had the 455 cid four-barrel (L75) engine
  • All L75 engined Trans Ams had synchromesh manual transmission
  • Catalytic converters were required on all engines
  • Dual exhausts were no longer available


1975 Firebird
1975 Firebird
1975 Firebird Formula
1975 Firebird Formula
1975 Firebird Formula
1975 Firebird Formula
1975 Trans Am
1975 Firebird Trans Am
1975 Trans Am
1975 Firebird Trans Am
1975 Trans Am
1975 Firebird Trans Am
1975 Trans Am
1975 Firebird Trans Am