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  • Major changes to the Firebird were in the power train.
  • Styling was similar to the 1982 redesign.
  • Both four-speed and five-speed manual gearboxes were available this year, along with a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • The Firebird SE got a high-output version of the 173-cid (2.8-liter) V-6, along with the five-speed transmission.
  • Base models again carried a standard fuel-injected 151-cid (2.5-liter) four with four-speed manual shift.
  • The Firebird SE had new cloth seats and a split-folding back seat (also available for other models in a custom trim package).
  • New Lear Siegler articulated front bucket seats became optional.
  • The Trans Am again carried a standard 5.0-liter V-8, but with the new five-speed transmission and a 3.73:1 axle ratio.

Base Firebird

Standard base Firebird equipment included:

  • power brakes
  • power steering
  • reclining front bucket seats
  • P195/75R14 glass-belted radial tires

Firebird SE

The Firebird SE added:

  • P205/70R14 SBR tires on turbo cast aluminum wheels
  • a handling suspension
  • five-speed gearbox
  • sport mirrors
  • color-keyed body side molding
  • lower accent paint with striping

Trans Am

  • The Trans Am had a rear spoiler and wheel opening flares.


Pontiac used the industry-wide 17-symbol Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
It was located on the upper left surface of the instrument panel, visible through the windshield
1st1US built
2ndGGeneral Motors product
3rd2Pontiac Motor Division vehicle
4thAManual seatbelts
WTrans Am
6th & 7th87Body style number: two-door plainback special coupe
8th*Engine type where * is replaced by the following
  • R = 151-cid 4, 90-hp
  • 2 = 151-cid 4, 90-hp
  • X = 173-cid V6, 107-hp
  • 1 = 173-cid V6, 107-hp
  • Z = 173-cid V6, 125-hp
  • H = 305-cid V8, 150-hp
  • 7 = 305-cid V8, 175-hp
9th?A check digit that calculates the characters in the serial number and gives it a single digit code and can be used to verify that the serial number is legitimate
10thDThe model year where D = 1983
11th_Manufacturing plant code
12th to 17th100001 and upProduction sequence serial number


Model NumberStyle NumberBody TypeSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
2FS872-door Hardtop Base Firebird - Four4$8399286632,020
both 4 & V8
2FS872-door Hardtop Base Firebird - V64$85492948
2FX872-door Hardtop SE - V64$10,322296510,934
2FX872-door Hardtop SE - V84$10,3973145
2FW872-door Hardtop Trans Am - V84$10,396310731,930


VIN CodeR or 2X or 1ZH (Chev)7
CylindersFour (inline)60° V-660° V-690° V-890° V-8
ValvingOverhead valveOverhead valveOverhead valveOverhead valveOverhead valve
Bore & Stroke4.00 x 3.00 in.3.50 x 3.00 in.3.50 x 3.00 in.3.74 x 3.48 in.4.00 x 3.00 in.
Displacement151 cid (2.5 liters)173 cid (2.8 liters)173 cid (2.8 liters)305 cid (5.0 liters)305 cid (5.0 liters)
Compression ratio8.2 : 18.5 : 18.9 : 18.6 : 19.5 : 1
Brake H.P.90-94 @ 4000 rpm107 @ 4800125 @ 5400150 @ 4000 rpm175 @ 4200 rpm
Torque (lb-ft)132-135 @ 2800 rpm145 @ 2100 rpm145 @ 2400 rpm240 @ 2400 rpm250 @ 2800 rpm
Main bearingsFiveFourFourFiveFive
Valve liftersHydraulic
CarburetorThrottle-body fuel injection2-barrel Rochester E2SE2-barrel Rochester E2SE4-barrel Rochester E4METhrottle-body fuel Injection


Four-speed TransmissionStandard on base Firebird
Five-speed TransmissionStandard on Firebird SE
Three-speed Turbo-Hydra-MaticOptional
Four-speed Turbo-Hydra-MaticOptional
Final drive ratio with 4-speed3.42 : 1
Final drive ratio with V-6 and 5-speed3.73 : 1
Final drive ratio with V-8 and 5-speed3.23 : 1
Final drive ratio with 3-speed automatic3.23 : 1
Final drive ratio with 4-speed automatic2.93 : 1


FEATUREFirebirdSETrans Am
Wheelbase101.0 in.101.0 in.101.0 in.
Overall length189.8 in.189.8 in.189.8 in.
Height49.8 in.49.849.8
Front tread60.760.760.7
Rear tread61.661.661.6
TiresP195/75R14 GBR BSWP205/70R14 SBR BSWP205/70R14 SBR BSW
SteeringRecirculating ball
Front suspensionModified MacPherson struts with coil springs between lower control arm and X-member
Rear suspensionTorque arm/track bar with coil springsTorque arm/track bar with coil springs and anti-sway bar
BrakesFront disc, rear drums
Body constructionUnit
Fuel tank16 gal


151-cid four (Firebird SE)$300 credit
173-cid V-6 (Firebird)$150
305-cid V-8 four-barrel (Firebird)$350 - $375
305-cid V-8 four-barrel (SE)$50 - $75
H.O. 305-cid V-8 (Trans Am)$858
Five-speed manual transmission (Firebird)$125
Three-speed automatic transmission (Firebird)$425
Three-speed automatic transmission (SE)$195
Four-speed automatic transmission (Firebird)$525
Four-speed automatic transmission (SE / Trans Am)$295
Limited-slip differential (Firebird)$95
Power four-wheel disc brakes (Firebird)$274
Power four-wheel disc brakes with performance packageN/C
Rally handling package$50
California emissions$75
Trans Am Recaro option$3160 - $3610
Firebird SE and Trans Am special performance package$408
Firebird custom exterior$51 - $112
Air conditioning$625 - $725
Cruise control$170
Power seats$210 - $420
Power windows$180 - $255
Hatch roof$825 - $861
Louvered rear sunshields$210
Lear Siegler bucket seats$400 - $1294


1983 Firebird Notes

  • Introduced Nov. 18, 1982
  • After the enthusiasm of the initial year of the third generation, sales dropped from 116,382 to 74,884
  • -


1983 Trans Am
1983 Firebird Trans Am
1983 Firebird
1983 Firebird
1983 Firebird
1983 Firebird