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Corvette styling remained the same as the 1954 model. This year, however, a V-8 engine was available

  • Corvettes with the V-8 also had a distinctive gold emblem on the front fenders with a large "V" in the word "CheVrolet"
  • V-8 models used a 12-volt electrical system while the 6-cylinder cars used a 6-volt electrical system
  • New added colors were Copper with a Beige interior and Harvest Gold (yellow) with a Green and Yellow interior
  • Gypsy Red cars now featured a light beige interior
  • The interior material was called Elascofab.
  • Soft convertible tops were offered in canvas and vinyl
  • New top colors included White and Dark Green


  • Corvette used the standard 10 symbol Chevrolet Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) coding system.
  • The I.D. tag was located on the left-hand front door hinge pillar.
    • V or E = V-8 Corvette model, E = 6-cyl Corvette model
    • 55 = 1955
    • S = St. Louis, MO assembly plant
    • the last six numbers were the sequential production number
    • They numbered from 001001 to 001700
  • The engine number was found on the right-hand side of the crankcase behind the distributor.
  • The engine numbers for 1955 used the suffix:
    • "YG" = 6-cyl
    • "FG" = V-8 with automatic transmission
    • "GR" = V-8 with manual transmission
  • Since the Corvette bodies were virtually handmade, they did not carry standard Fisher Body Style Numbers as did other GM cars.
  • The Corvette model number consisted of the four digits 2934, which also served as the body style number for the early production years.


Series No. Body/Style No. Engine Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
2934 2934 6-cyl
1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette
2-dr. Roadster
2 passenger

$2774 2705 lb 700
2934 2934 V-8 $2909 2870 lb


Feature 6-cylinder 8-cylinder
Type Inline 6 V-8
Valve type Overhead valve Overhead valve
Block Cast Iron Cast Iron
Displacement 235.5 cu. in. (3.846 liters) 265 cu. in. (4.344 liters)
Bore & Stroke 3.56" x 3.93" (90.4 x 99.8mm) 3.75" x 3.00" (95.3 x 76.2mm)
Compression ratio 8.0:1 8.0:1
Brake HP 155 @ 4200 rpm 195 @ 5000 rpm
Main Bearings Four Five
Valve Lifters Solid Solid
Fuel supply Three Carter one-barrel carburetors Model 3706989 Rochester four-barrel carburetor Model 7008005


Manual The three-speed manual transmission became standard late in the model year.
A single dry-plate clutch was used with it.
Automatic The two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission was optional


Wheelbase 102 inches (2.591 m)
Overall length 167 inches (4.242 m)
Front tread 57 inches (1.448 m)
Rear tread 59 inches (1.499 m)
Wheels steel disk
Tires 6.70 x 15
Front suspension coil springs with tubular shock absorbers and stabilizer bar
Rear suspension Leaf springs, tube shocks and solid rear axle
Brakes Drum on all four wheels
Axle ratio 3.55:1


100Q Polo White directional signals $16.75
100R Pennant Blue directional signals $16.75
101A Heater $91.40
102A Signal-seeking AM radio $145.15
422A Windshield washer $11.85
420A Parking brake alarm $5.65
313M Powerglide automatic transmission $178.35
290B 6.70 x 15 White sidewall tires $26.90
421A Courtesy light $4.05


1955 Corvette Notes

  • Production of 1955 Corvettes began October 28, 1954
  • Most of the 1955 models had the V-8 engine while about 6 had the 6-cyl.
  • A V-8 powered 1955 Corvette could go from 0-to-60 mph in 8.7 seconds and from 0-to-100 mph in 24.7 seconds
  • The 6-cyl Corvette could go from 0 to 60 mph in 11 seconds and from 0 to 100 mph in 41 seconds.
  • Top model year production for 1955


1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette