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1930 Cadillac

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1930 Cadillac

The story of the 1930 Cadillac has to be divided into two sections: the 1930 series 353 eight cylinder model and the 1930-31 series 452 and 452-A V-16.

The Cadillac series 353 eight cylinder was an extension of the series 341-B of 1929 with a few changes. The Fisher body (called "Fisher Custom") was reduced to seven closed bodies including the Convertible Coupe. The Fleetwood body (called "Fleetwood Special Custom") consolidated its offerings into eleven basic bodies with many variations.

The louvers carried well into the front of the hood. The Fleetwood Roadster had louvers in the sides of the cowl. There was a wider radiator and larger headlights (305mm lens and 330mm overall). The windshield sloped a few degrees instead of being upright. The visor was a short cadet type. A valance was featured across the rear of the car which covered the fuel tank and frame and joined with the rear fenders. The rear tread was wider and the rear cushions were made 102mm wider. Except for a few bodies, all were prewired for a radio with an aerial built into the top.

1930 Cadillac

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1930 Cadillac

The chassis no longer had ball and socket spring shackles. The front tread increased from 1422mm to 1499mm. The rear tread increased from 1473mm to 1511mm. The third rear shoe for emergency was dropped. Instead, a lever operated the rear service brake shoes. The exhaust tail pipe end was fan shaped. Demountable wood wheels were offered as an extra cost option. All cars had a 3/4 floating rear axle.

The bore of the engine was increased 1.6mm. A reduction type starter was also used. The fan was lubricated by the engine oil return pressure. A cover was installed over the spark plugs. A new distributor had wires coming out the rear into a single conduit.

There were no serial numbers on the 1930 Cadillac Series 353. Engine numbers were stamped on the crankcase just below the water inlet on the right hand side. The starting number was 500001 and ended 511005.


Fisher Custom
301524-dr.Town Sedan5$34952291 kg
301582-dr.Coupe2/4$32952252 kg
301594-dr.Sedan5$36952305 kg
301624-dr.Sedan7$37952350 kg
301634-dr.Imperial7$39952368 kg
301682-dr.Convertible Coupe2/4$35952209 kg
301722-dr.Coupe5$35952248 kg


Fleetwood Built-to-order
3350-Transformable All Weather Phaeton 152" wheelbase7$--
39022-dr.Roadster2$34502102 kg
39124-dr.Transformable Town Cabriolet5/7$49952377 kg
3912-C4-dr.Collapsible Transformable Town Cabriolet5/7$5745-
39204-dr.Town Cabriolet (quarter window)7$5145341 kg
3920-C4-dr.Collapsible Town Cabriolet (quarter window)7$5945-
39254-dr.Transformable Town Cabriolet (no quarter window)7$51452341 kg
3925-C4-dr.Collapsible Transformable Town Cabriolet (no quarter window)7$5895-
39304-dr.Imperial5$43952373 kg
3930-S4-dr.Sedan5$41952341 kg
3930-C4-dr.Collapsible Imperial5$5195-
3930-SC4-dr.Collapsible Sedan5$4995-
3950-Town Car with Full Collapsible Top7$--
39554-dr.Imperial Cabriolet5$44452336 kg
3955-S4-dr.Sedan Cabriolet5$42452364 kg
3955-C4-dr.Collapsible Imperial Cabriolet5$5195-
3955-SC4-dr.Collapsible Sedan Cabriolet5$4995-
39754-dr.Imperial7$45952418 kg
3975-S4-dr.Sedan7$42752400 kg
3975-C4-dr.Collapsible Imperial7$5395-
3975-SC4-dr.Collapsible Sedan7$5095-
3975-P4-dr.Imperial (plain hood)7$4845-
39804-dr.All Weather Phaeton5$47002268 kg
39814-dr.Sedanette Cabriolet5$45002305 kg
39824-dr.Sedanette5$45952305 kg
39914-dr.Transformable Limousine Brougham7$51452418 kg
3991-C4-dr.Collapsible Transformable Limousine Brougham7$5945-
41504-dr.Full Collapsible Transformable Town Cabriolet-$--
41604-dr.Sport Phaeton5$--
4160-A4-dr.Sport Phaeton5$--
4160-B4-dr.Sport Phaeton5$--
41614-dr.Sedan or Imperial Sport Cab5$--
41644-dr.Transformable Brougham5$--
4164-B4-dr.Transformable Brougham with cane work5$--
41762-dr.Sport Sta. or Convertible Coupe2$--
41852-dr.All Weather Coupe4$--


Engine TypeNinety degree V-8. L-Head. Cast iron on silicon / aluminum crankcase.
Bore and Stroke85.7mm x 125.4mm
Displacement5.793 Liters
Compression ratio5.05:1 std (4.91:1 opt)
Brake HP96 @ 3000 RPM SAE
Taxable HP36.45
Main bearingsThree.
Valve liftersMechanical, with rollers riding on cams
Carburetormanufactured by Cadillac under C. F. Johnson patents.


ItemSeries 353Commercial
Front Tread1499mm1499mm
Rear Tread1511mm1511mm

1930 Cadillac

1930 Cadillac Cathedral Hearse by James Cunningham Son and Co.
A very special open drive hearse originally built for Robert J. Ambruster.


TransmissionSelective synchro-mesh transmission.
Speeds3 Forward and 1 Reverse
ControlsLeft drive, center control (right hand drive optional)
ClutchTwin disc clutch
DriveShaft drive (torque tube)
Axle3/4 floating rear axle spiral bevel gears
Overall ratio5.08:1 std; 4.39:1; 4.75:1 opt. (4.75 made standard in midyear)
BrakesSafety-mechanical brakes on four wheels (16.5 in. drums)
WheelsWood artillery wheels (disc, wire, wood demountable opt)
Wheel size19 in.


Tire cover(s)$6.50 - $30.00
Wind wings$25.00 - $55.00
Tonneau Shield$185.00
Radiator ornament$25.00
Seat covers$26.75 - 230.25
Spotlight / driving light$15.50 - 80.00
Tire mirrors$32.00/pair
5 Wire wheels$70.00
6 Wire wheels with fender wells, trunk rack$210.00
5 Demountable wood wheels$50.00
6 Demountable wood wheels with fender wells, trunk rack$190.00
5 Disc wheels$50.00
6 Disc wheels with fender wells, trunk rack$190.00


1930 Cadillac Notes

  • The V-8 was introduced September, 1929.
  • The V-16 was introduced January 1930
  • Innovations: Radio available.
  • Most bodies prewired for radio, with aerial built into top.
  • Engines have automatic hydraulic tappet clearance adjustment to reduce maintenance.
  • Model year sales for V-8s: 11,005.
  • Model year production of V-16: 3250
  • Although a token number (approximately one percent) of the V-16 chassis were sold to domestic and foreign coachbuilders, all body styles advertised by Cadillac were "Catalog Customs" by Fleetwood. The customer was able to order limited variations in the "Catalog Customs" or order a full-custom creation.
  • It is remarkable that Fleetwood was able to turn out four to five hundred bodies per month at a time when activities at the Pennsylvania shop were being phased out and "production" at a new location in Detroit was being set up.
  • Through the Fall of 1930, dealers were required to furnish the factory with weekly and monthly owner reaction and service reports on each V-16 delivered.
  • Lawrence P. Fisher was president
  • Ernest W. Seaholm was chief engineer
  • H. M. Stephens was general sales manager until September
  • J. C. Chick was general sales manager from September