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Cadillac for 1983 heralded a new line of electronic fuel-injected engines, eliminating the carburetor. The EFI lineup even included the 2.0-liter four that powered Cimarrons. Once again, the HT-4100 V-8 was Cadillac's standard engine (except on Cimarrons and limousines), now with 10 more horsepower. Automatic four-speed overdrive transmission was standard as well. The 5.7-liter diesel was available again.

A new Freedom II battery gave better cold-cranking performance. The curious but undependable variable-displacement V8-6-4 engine was consigned only to limousine applications.

Added to the Eldorado and Seville option lists was a Delco-GM/Bose Symphony Sound System with four amplifiers and speakers in separate enclosures, billed as the "industry's most advanced stereo." Sound was automatically balanced for all passengers, reflecting off the windows and interior. Acoustics were based on window location and shape, upholstery, carpeting, and position of driver and passengers. The system included an AM/FM stereo radio and integral cassette player with Dolby tape noise reduction and full-time loudness control. Tested with an "acoustically-sensitive" robot, the system was also offered on Buick Riviera and Olds Toronado.


  • All Cadillacs again had a 17-symbol Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl, visible through the windshield.
  • The number begins with a "1" to indicate the manufacturing country (U.S.A.), followed by a "G" for General Motors and a "6" for Cadillac Division.
  • The next letter indicates restraint system:
    • "A" manual (standard)
    • "B" automatic
  • Symbol five is a letter denoting car line and series:
    • "S" Seville
    • "B" Fleetwood Brougham
    • "D" DeVille
    • "F" Fleetwood limousine
    • "Z" commercial chassis
    • "L" Eldorado
    • "G" Cimarron
  • Digits six and seven indicate body type:
    • "47" 2-door coupe
    • "69" 4-door four-window sedan
    • "23" six-window, eight-passenger sedan w/auxiliary seat
    • "33" six-window formal limousine w/aux. seat and center partition
    • "90" commercial chassis (no body)
    • "57" Eldorado coupe
  • Next comes an engine code:
    • 'P' L4-121 TBI
    • '8' V8-249 DFI
    • '9' V8-6-4 368 DFI
    • 'N' V8-350 diesel
    • '6' V8-368 4-bbl.
  • The next symbol is a check digit
  • Symbol ten indicates model year ("D" 1983)
  • Symbol eleven denotes assembly plant:
    • "9" Detroit
    • "E" Linden, New Jersey (Seville/Eldorado)
    • "C" for South Gate, California (Cimarron)
  • The final six-digit production sequence number began with 100001 for Detroit-built models: 600001 (Eldorado) or 680001 (Seville) for those built in New Jersey
  • An identification number for the V-6 engine was on the left rear of the block; on the V8-350, a code label was on top of the left valve cover and a unit number label atop the right valve cover.
  • Other engines had a unit number on the block behind the left cylinder head, and a VIN derivative on the block behind the intake manifold.
  • A body number plate on the upper horizontal surface of the shroud (except Seville, on front vertical shroud surface) showed model year, build date code, car division, series, style, body assembly plant, body number, trim combination, paint code, modular seat code, and roof option.



EngineV8 250cc (4.1L)V8 350cc (5.7L) DieselV8 368cc (6.0L)
Crankcase4 qt6 qt4 qt
Crankcase with new filter5 qt75 qt
AutomaticTransmission after draining10 pt10 pt8 pt
Drive Axle4.25 or 3.25 pt4.25 or 3.25 pt4.25 pt
Fuel tank24 or 21 gal(US)26 or 21 gal(US)25 gal(US)
Cooling with heater11 qt23 or 18 qt21.4 qt
Cooling with A/C11 qt23 qt21.4 qt
Heavy duty CoolingNANANA


Engine V.I.N Code869
Engine typeV8-250cc (4.1L)V8-368cc(6.0L)V8-368cc(6.0L)
Fuel deliveryDFI4 bblDFI
Original Spark plugR43NTS6R45NSXR45NAX
Gap0.060 in.0.060 in0.060 in
Ignition timing (BTDC)See underhood sticker18°See underhood sticker
Intake valve opens (BTDC)371111
Fuel pump pressure12 - 145½ to 6½ psi12 - 14 min.
Idle speedSee underhood sticker575 rpmSee underhood sticker


Part #1102380110102311010331117152
Field current @ 12 V4 - 4.54 - 4.54 - 4.54 - 4.5
Output63 amps80 amps80 amps145 amps
RegulatorSolid stateSolid stateSolid stateSolid state
Volts @ 75°13.8 - 14.813.8 - 14.813.8 - 14.813.8 - 14.8


EngineV8-250cc (4.1L)V8-350cc (5.7L)V8-368cc (6.0L)V8-350cc (5.7L)Diesel
Battery Ampere Hour Capacity540 amps cold cranking power @ 0°F
Battery Volts12121212
Battery Terminal GroundedNeg.Neg.Neg.Neg.
Starter, Lock Test, AmpsNot Recommended
Starter, Lock Test, Volts
Starter, Lock Test, Torque
Starter, No-Lead Test, Amps65 - 9565 - 9565 - 9540 - 140
Starter, No-Lead Test, Volts9999
Starter, No-Lead Test, RPM7000 - 105007000 - 105007000 - 105008000 - 13000
Starter, Brush Spring Tension35 oz. min.35 oz. min.35 oz. min.35 oz. min.


Engine V.I.N Code8N69
Engine typeV8-250cc(4.1L)V8-350cc(5.7L)V8-368cc(6.0L)V8-368cc(6.0L)
Fuel deliveryDFIDiesel4 bblDFI
Bore x Stoke3.465 x 3.4004.057 x 3.3853.800 x 4.0603.800 x 4.060
Compression Ratio8.50:122.5:18.20:18.20:1
Oil pressure30 psi40 psi35 psi35 psi


Part #11029211101040110104611010501101091
Field current @ 12 V4 - 4.54 - 4.54 - 4.54 - 4.54 - 4.5
Output63 amps7080100100
RegulatorSolid stateSolid stateSolid stateSolid stateSolid state
Volts @ 75°13.8 - 14.813.8 - 14.813.8 - 14.813.8 - 14.813.8 - 14.8


Engine typeV8-250cc(4.1L)V8-350cc(5.7L) DieselV8-368cc(6.0L)
Main Brg Journal Dia.2.6402.9993 - 3.00033.250
Main Brg Oil Clearance0.0004 - 0.00270.0005 - 0.0021(No. 5: 0.0015 - 0.0031)0.0001 - 0.0026
Shaft End-play0.001 - 0.0070.004 - 0.0140.002 - 0.012
Thrust on No.333


Engine typeV8-250cc(4.1L)V8-350cc(5.7L) DieselV8-368cc(6.0L)
Journal Dia.2.052 - 2.0542.1238 - 2.12482.5000
Oil Clearance0.0005 - 0.00280.0005 - 0.00260.0005 - 0.0026
Side Clearance0.008 - 0.0200.006 - 0.0200.008 - 0.020


Engine typeV8-250cc(4.1L)V8-350cc(5.7L) DieselV8-368cc(6.0L)
Piston-Bore Clearance0.00080.0035 - 0.00450.0006 - 0.0014
Ring Side Clearance: Top Compression0.0016 - 0.00370.005 - 0.0070.0017 - 0.0040
Ring Side Clearance: Bottom Compression0.0016 - 0.00370.003 - 0.0050.0017 - 0.0040
Ring Side Clearance: Oil ControlNone (side sealing)0.001 - 0.005None (side sealing)
Ring Gap: Top Compression0.015 - 0.0250.019 - 0.0270.013 - 0.023
Ring Gap: Bottom Compression0.015 - 0.0250.013 - 0.0210.013 - 0.023
Ring Gap: Oil Control0.010 - 0.0500.015 - 0.0550.015 - 0.055


Engine typeV8-250cc(4.1L)V8-350cc(5.7L) DieselV8-368cc(6.0L)
Seat Angle45°45°(intake); 31° (exhaust)45°
Face Angle44°44°(intake); 30° (exhaust)44°
Spring Test Pressure167 lb @ 1.34"210 lb @ 1.22"160 lb @ 1.50"
Spring Installed Height1-43/64"1-43/64"1-15/32"
Stem-to-Guide Clearance: Intake0.0010 - 0.00300.0010 - 0.00270.0010 - 0.0027
Stem-to-Guide Clearance: Exhaust0.0010 - 0.00300.0015 - 0.00320.0010 - 0.0027
Stem Diameter: Intake0.3413 - 0.34200.3425 - 0.34320.3417
Stem Diameter: Exhaust0.3411 - 0.34180.3420 - 0.34270.3417


Engine typeV8-250cc(4.1L)V8-350cc(5.7L) DieselV8-368cc(6.0L)
Cyl. Head Bolts90 ft. lb130 ft. lb95 ft. lb
Rod Brg Bolts20 ft. lb42 ft. lb40 ft. lb
Main Brg Bolts85 ft. lb120 ft. lb90 ft. lb
Crankshaft Damper or Pulley BoltPress fit200 - 310 ft. lbPress fit
Flywheel to Crankshaft Bolts20 ft. lb60 ft. lb75 ft. lb
Intake Manifold22 ft. lb40 ft. lb30 ft. lb
Exhaust Manifold20 ft. lb25 ft. lblong bolts: 35 ft. lb;short bolts: 12 ft. lb


Carb ID17082266 (M4ME)17082267 (M4ME)
Float Level3/8 in3/8 in
Air Valve Spring5/8 turn5/8 turn
Pump Rodfixedfixed
Primary Vacuum Break0.149 in0.149 in
Secondary Vacuum Break0.149 in 0.149 in
Choke Rod0.071 in0.071 in
Choke Unloader0.195 in0.195 in
Fast Idle SpeedSee underhood decal


Feature Eldorado Full size Seville
Caster Range 2°P - 3°P 2½°P - 3½°P 2°P - 3°P
Caster Pref. 2½°P 3°P 2½°P
Camber LH wheel Range ½°N to ½°P 3/32°P to 57/64°P ½°N to ½°P
Camber LH wheel Pref. ½°
Camber RH wheel Range ½°N to ½°P 3/32°P to 57/64°P ½°N to ½°P
Camber RH wheel Pref. ½°
Toe-In 1/8 in to 1/8 out 18 in. 1/8 in to 1/8 out
Steering Axis Inclination11° 10-19/32° 11°


1983 Cadillac Notes

  • Introduced: September 23, 1982.
  • Robert D. Burger was general manager
  • Robert J. Templin was chief engineer
  • Wayne Kady was chief designer (Cadillac Studio)
  • L. B. Pryor was general sales manager
  • Model year production: 292,714, which came to 5.1 percent of the industry total.
  • That total included 5,223 diesels.
  • Calendar year production: 309,811.
  • Calendar year sales by U.S. dealers: 300,337.
  • Model year sales by U.S. dealers: 290,138 for a 4.5 percent market share.
  • Sales rose by over 22 percent for the 1983 model year, suggesting that Cadillac's appeal to luxury-minded buyers hadn't waned.
  • Before taking over the Chevrolet division, Cadillac general manager Robert D. Burger told reporters that the company was "confident about the future of the luxury car business" since research by 1982 suggested a "long-term fundamental shift toward luxury cars that hold their value."
  • On the other hand, research also showed that Cadillac buyers were considerably older (median age about 60) than car buyers in general -- a fact that could become a problem in future years.
  • The popularity of the HT-4100 4.1 liter V-8 brought speculation that a transverse-mounted version would be planned for the 1984 Eldorado.
  • That car's engine compartment would have to be widened, however, to accommodate the V-8.
  • So the switch occurred only when Eldorado got a new body for 1986.
  • Rear-drive Cadillacs were the longest cars on the market, measuring 121 inches in wheelbase.
  • Buyers still liked them, so they expected to remain in the lineup for a while longer.
  • Cadillac production figures
Cimarron19,294 (increased 10,928)
Fleetwood/de Ville series174,674 (increased 37,074)
Eldorado67,416 (increased 15,398)
Seville30,430 (increased 10,432)
Series 751,000 (decreased 450)