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The Calais Series replaced the Sixty-Two line for 1965, as one of numerous Cadillac changes. A broader, more unified grille and vertically mounted headlamps featured the styling improvements. The Cadillac tailfin was said to be gone, but symmetrical rear fender forms tapered to very thin edges, top and bottom, giving a very traditional visual impression. Curved side windows with frameless glass were new and convertibles had tempered glass backlights (i.e., rear windows). Last seen in 1956, the standard wheelbase pillared sedan made a return this year. Perimeter frame construction allowed repositioning of engines 152mm forward in the frame, thus lowering transmission humps and increasing interior room. Standard Calais equipment was comprised of the following:

  • power brakes
  • power steering
  • automatic transmission
  • dual backup lights
  • windshield washers and dual speed wipers
  • full wheel discs
  • remote controlled outside rear view mirror
  • visor vanity mirror
  • oil filter
  • five tubeless black tires
  • heater
  • defroster
  • lamps for luggage, glove and rear passenger compartments
  • cornering lights
  • front and rear seat safety belts.


Model No.Style No.Body TypeSeatFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
2-door Hardtop Coupe

2-door Hardtop Coupe

6$50592016 kg12,515
4-door Hardtop Sedan

4-door Hardtop Sedan

6$52472045 kg13,975
4-door Sedan

4-door Sedan

6$52472041 kg7,721


TypeV-8 Overhead valves
BlockCast iron block
Displacement7 Liter
Bore and stroke104.9mm x 101.6mm
Compression ratio10.5:1
Brake horsepower340 hp @ 4600 rpm
Power255 kW @ 4600 rpm
BearingsFive main bearings
Valve LiftersHydraulic valve lifters
CarburetorCarter AFB four-barrel, model 3903S


Overall length5690mm
Front tread1588mm
Rear tread1588mm
Automatic level controlstandard where indicated in text
A new engine mounting system and patented quiet exhaust were used
Tires8.00 x 15


Air conditioner$495
Bucket seats with console in F-J-B models with leather upholstery$188
Controlled differential$54
Cruise Control$97
Door guards on two-door models$4; on four-door models: $7
Soft Ray tinted glass$52
Delete-option heater and defroster$97 credit
Leather upholstery on J-B-L models$141
License plate frame$6
Padded roof on J model$124; on B or L models: $140
Left-hand four-way power bucket seat on F-J-B models$54
Power door locks on G-F-J models$46; on N-K-B-L models: $70
Power headlight control$51
Six-way power front seat on G-N-K models$113; on F-J-B-L models: $85
Power window regulators on G-N-K models$119
Power vent window regulator option$73
Radio with rear speaker$165
Radio with rear speaker and remote control$246
AM/FM radio$191
Rear seat belts$18
Front seat belt delete-option$17 credit
Adjustable steering wheel$91
Remote control trunk lock$53
Twilight Sentinel$57
Five white sidewall tires 9.00 x 15 size with four-ply construction$57 exchange