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The big news of 1995 was the final appearance of the ZR-1 performance coupe after several years of availability.

  • The ZR-1 was first announced in 1989, but not actually offered until 1990.
  • Changes on the Corvette included the addition of heavy-duty brakes with larger front rotors as standard equipment, along with new low-rate springs (except ZR-1)
  • DeCarbon gas-charged shock absorbers were used for improved ride quality.
  • In addition to exterior color changes, Corvettes featured a new "gill" panel behind the front wheel openings to help quickly distinguish the 1995 models from predecessors.
  • Other improvements included reinforced interior stitching and a quieter-running cooling fan.
  • Engine and transmission offerings remained unchanged from the year previous.
  • Corvettes came in Dark Purple Metallic; Dark Purple Metallic and Arctic White; Arctic White; Admiral Blue; Black; Bright Aqua Metallic; Polo Green Metallic; Competition yellow; Torch Red; and Dark Red Metallic.
  • Interiors came in Beige; Black; Light Beige; Light Gray; Red; and White.
  • Standard features included a removable body-color roof panel for hatchbacks or a convertible top.
  • All Corvette convertibles except those with Dark Purple Metallic, Arctic White, or Polo Green Metallic finish could be ordered with one of three top colors: Beige, Black, or White cloth top.
  • The Dark Purple Metallic and Arctic White combination was available only with a White convertible top, which was again not available for Polo Green Metallic cars.
  • Leather seats were standard equipment.


  • The serial number [Vehicle Identification Number -- VIN] was stamped on a plate on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar visible through the windshield.
  • The base serial numbers ranged from 1G1YY22P*S5100001 to 1G1YY22P*S5120294
  • The base serial numbers ranged from 1G1YY32P*S5100001 to 1G1YY32P*S5120294
  • The ZR1 serial numbers ranged from 1G1YZ22J*S5800001 to 1G1YZ22J*S5800448
Position Character Description
1 1 US built
2 G General Motors product
3 1 Chevrolet Motor Division vehicle
4 & 5 YY Basic Corvette
YZ Corvette ZR-1
6 2 or 3 Body style number
  • 2 = Two door hatchback style 07, 08, 77, or 87
  • 3 = Two door convertible style 67
7 1 or 2
  • 1=Manual seat belts
  • 2=Active manual belts with driver and passenger inflatable restraint system
  • 3=Active manual belts with driver-inflatable restraint system
  • 4=Passive automatic belts
  • 5=Passive automatic belts with driver inflatable restraint system
8 P LT1 5.7-liter Multiport-Fuel-Injection (MFI) Chevrolet or GM of Canada V8
J LT5 - 5.7-liter MFI V-8
9 ? A check digit that calculates the characters in the serial number and gives it a single digit code and can be used to verify that the serial number is legitimate
10 S The model year where 1995
11 5 Bowling Green, KY
12-17 100001 and up production sequence for coupes and convertibles
800001 and up production sequence for ZR-1s
  • Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block just ahead of the cylinder head on the right-hand side combined with a three-letter engine code suffix
  • Also cast into the top rear of the block is a four-symbol code indicating when the engine was built
    • The first letter of the date code shows the month the block was cast
    • The one or two numbers shows the month
    • The last digit shows the year
  • Engine suffixes:
Code Engine Horsepower Compression Transmission Fuel Supply Extra features
ZUC LT1 350-cid 300-hp V-8 10.5:1 automatic multi-port injection  
ZUD LT1 350-cid 300-hp V-8 10.5:1 manual multi-port injection  
ZUF LT5 350-cid 405-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual multi-port injection  
  • The 1995 Corvette exterior colors were:
    • 05 = Dark Purple Metallic
    • 05/10 = Dark Purple Metallic and Arctic White
    • 10 = Arctic White
    • 28 = Admiral Blue
    • 41 = Black
    • 43 = Bright Aqua Metallic
    • 45 = Polo Green Metallic
    • 53 = Competition Yellow
    • 70 = Torch Red
    • 75 = Dark Red Metallic.
  • Upholstery Codes
Color Leather Upholstery
Black 193
Light Gray 143
Light Blue 643
Red 703
Pace Car Black 194


Model Model No. Body/Style No. Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
Coupe 1YY Y07
2-dr. Hatch Coupe - 2 passenger

2-dr. Hatch Coupe - 2 passenger

$36,785 3203 15,771
Convertible 1YY Y67
2-dr. Convertible - 2 passenger

2-dr. Convertible - 2 passenger

$43,665 3360 4,971
ZR-1 1YZ Z07
2-dr. Hatch Coupe - 2 passenger

2-dr. Hatch Coupe - 2 passenger

$68,043 3512 448


Feature Standard Engine (RPO LT1) ZR-1 Engine (RPO LT5)
Type V-8, 90-degree Overhead valve V-8, 90-degree Overhead valve with 4 valves per cylinder and 4 overhead camshafts
Block Cast iron block and aluminum cylinder head Cast iron block and aluminum cylinder head
Displacement 350 cid (5.7 liters) 350 cid (5.7 liters)
Bore & Stroke 4.00" x 3.48" 4.00" x 3.48"
Compression ratio 10.5:1 11.0:1
Brake horsepower 300 @ 5000 405 @ 5800 rpm
Torque 340 lb-ft @ 3600 385 lb-ft @ 5200
Main bearing five five
Valve lifters hydraulic hydraulic
Fuel supply Multi-port injection (MPI) system Multi-port injection (MPI) system


  • Four Speed Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission (TMH 700-R4) with floor-mounted gear shifter
  • Six-speed Manual with overdrive and floor-mounted gear shifter


Feature Coupe Convertible ZR-1
Wheelbase 96.2 inches (2.443 m) 96.2 inches (2.443 m) 96.2 inches (2.443 m)
Overall length 178.5 inches (4.534 m) 178.5 inches (4.534 m) 178.5 inches (4.534 m)
Overall width 70.7 inches (1.778 m) 70.7 inches (1.778 m) 73.1 inches (1.857 m)
Overall height 46.3 inches (1.176 m)   46.3 inches (1.176 m)
Front tread 57.7 inches (1.466 m) 57.7 inches (1.466 m) 57.7 inches (1.466 m)
Rear tread 59.1 inches (1.501 m) 59.1 inches (1.501 m) 60.6 inches (1.539 m)
Front Tires P255/45ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle GT P255/45ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle GT P275/40ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle GT
Rear Tires P285/40ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle GT P285/40ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle GT P315/35ZR-17 Goodyear Eagle GT
Steeringrack and pinion (power assisted)
Front suspensionSingle fiberglass composite monoleaf transverse spring with unequal-length aluminum control arms and stabilizer bar
Rear suspensionFully independent five-link system with transverse fiberglass single-leaf springs, aluminum upper/lower trailing links and strut-rod tie-rod assembly
BrakesAntilock four-wheel power disc
Body constructionFiberglass; separate ladder frame with cross-members
Fuel tank20 US Gal (16.7 Imp Gal) (76 liters)


RPO AG1 Power driver seat $305
RPO AG2 Power passenger seat $305
RPO AQ9 Sports seats $625
RPO CC2 Auxiliary hardtop for convertible $1,995
RPO C2L Dual removable roof panels for coupe $950
RPO 24S Removable roof panels with blue tint for coupe $650
RPO 64S Removable roof panels with bronze tint for coupe $650
RPO FX3 Electronic Selective Ride & Handling system $1,695
RPO G92 Performance axle ratio 3.07:1 $50
RPO MN6 Six-speed manual transmission no-cost option
RPO NG1 New York emission requirements $100
RPO UJ6 Low tire pressure warning indicator $325
RPO UlF Delco-Bose stereo system with compact disc changer $396
RPO WYS Extended-mobility tires $100
RPO YF5 California emissions requirements $100
RPO Z07 Adjustable suspension package for hatchback coupe $2,045
RPO Z4Z Indy 500 Pace Car Replica for convertibles only $2,816
RPO ZR-1 Special Performance package for hatchback coupe $31,258


1995 Corvette Notes

  • Calendar-year sales totaled 18,966 Corvettes.
  • Model-year production totaled 20,742.
  • For the third time in its existence (also 1978 and 1986), Corvette was selected as the official pace car for the Indianapolis 500.
  • The 1995 Dark Purple Metallic over Arctic White Corvette was driven by 1960 Indy 500 winner Jim Rathmann.
  • Chevy built a total of 527 cars equipped with the RPO Z4Z Indy 500 Pace Car Replica package that sold for $2,816 over the price of a standard LT1-powered Corvette convertible.


1995 Corvette

1995 Corvette

1995 Corvette

1995 Corvette

1995 Corvette

1995 Corvette

1995 Corvette

1995 Corvette