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Illustrated glossary for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and motors

Search for the meaning of over 20,000 expressions for automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, engines, and boats.

If you need the meaning of a particular phrase, choose the letter which begins the expression, e.g., for 'crankcase' look under the 'C' then select the 'Cr' tab.
For numbers, choose the beginning letter of the spelling of the number, e.g., for '2-door' look under 'T' for 'two'

If you have some suggestions or pictures to help explain or define an expression, please contact me at (car at MythicAuto . com) with subject heading: Dictionary

Number of defined expressions
A1598 N 322
B1940 O 486
C2252 P1336
D1044 Q 255
E 787 R1008
F1034 S2241
G 483 T1277
H 806 U 179
I 672 V 501
J 111 W 514
K 134 X 13
L 719 Y 24
M 793 Z 41