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Once again Cadillac offered three models:

8-Cylinder 355-D

1935 Cadillac

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1935 Cadillac Model 355

The V-8 Cadillac for 1935 remained virtually unchanged from 1934. The biplane bumpers of 1934 were replaced by more conventional units. One major change was introduced on Fisher bodies--the all steel Turret Top. Fleetwood bodies did not have the steel top until 1936. For 1934, Fleetwood bodied V-8's on 3708mm wheelbase were designated Series 30. Fisher bodied cars continued under the designations Series 10 and Series 20.

Having been associated with funeral and ambulance equipment for many years, Cadillac embarked on an extra effort in 1935 to consolidate this business. Three Fleetwood bodied seven passenger livery sedans were offered on the V-8 Series 30 chassis. Additionally, a 4064mm wheelbase commercial V-8 chassis was offered for hearse and ambulance adaptation.


1935 Cadillac

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1935 Cadillac Model 355

  • Serial numbers were on top surface of frame side bar, right side, just ahead of the dash.
  • Same as engine number.
  • Starting no.: 3100001 (with 1934).
  • Ending: 3108318.
  • Engine numbers were stamped on crankcase near the water inlet on the right hand side.
  • Starting engine no.: 3100001 (with 1934).
  • Ending: 3108318.


Fisher 128 in. Wheelbase
Body TypeDoorsStyleSeatingPriceWeight
357282-doorSport Coupe2/3$23452068 kg
357182-doorConvertible Coupe2/4$24452052 kg
357214-doorConvertible Sedan5$27552159 kg
357222-doorTown Coupe5$24952105 kg
357094-doorSedan 5$24452143 kg
357024-doorTown Sedan5$24952152 kg


Series 20 Fisher 136 in. Wheelbase
Body TypeDoorsStyleSeatingPriceWeight
356782-doorSport Coupe2/3$25452118 kg
356682-doorConvertible Coupe2/4$26452102 kg
356714-doorConvertible Sedan5$29552209 kg
356594-doorSedan 5$26452193 kg
356524-doorTown Sedan5$26952189 kg
356624-doorSedan 7$27952248 kg
356634-doorImperial Sedan7$29452259 kg


Series 30 Fleetwood Livery 146 in. Wheelbase
Body TypeDoorsStyleSeatingPriceWeight
6075-L4-doorLivery Limousine 7--
6075-LL4-doorLivery Limousine 7--
6075-SL4-doorLivery Sedan 7--


Series 30 Fleetwood 246 in. Wheelbase Vee Windshield
Some listings show these as 56___ styles.
Style NumberStyleSeatingPriceWeight
5712-CCollapsible Town Cabriolet5--
5712-LBTown Cabriolet 5$54952518 kg
5712-MBTown Cabriolet5--
5720Town Cabriolet 7--
5720-CCollapsible Town Cabriolet 7--
5725-BTown Cabriolet 7--
5725-LBTown Cabriolet7$55952568 kg
5725-MBTown Cabriolet7--
5730Imperial Sedan 5--
5730-FLImperial Cabriolet 5$41452500 kg
5730-FMImperial Brougham 5--
5730-SSedan5$37452484 kg
5733Imperial Town Sedan 5--
5733-STown Sedan 5$37952461 kg
5735Convertible Coupe2$40452325 kg
5759Sport Phaeton 5--
5775Imperial Sedan (Limousine )7$40952536 kg
5775-BLimousine 7--
5775-EImperial Sedan 7--
5775-FLImperial Cabriolet 7$42952536 kg
5775-FMImperial Brougham 7--
5775-H4Imperial Sedan 7--
5775-SSedan7$38952520 kg
5775-WLimousine 7--
5776Coupe2$38952341 kg
5780Convertible Sedan with divider5$42952484 kg
5780-BConvertible Sedan 5--
5780-SConvertible Sedan 5-2468 kg
5785Collapsible Coupe 5$42952461 kg
5788Stat. Coupe 5--
5789-AVictoria Coupe4--
5791Limousine Brougham 7$54952536 kg
5791-8Limousine Brougham 7--
5799Aero. Coupe5$42952468 kg


Series 30 Fleetwood 149 in. Wheelbase Flat Windshield
Style NumberStyleSeatingPriceWeight
6030-BImperial Sedan 5--
6030-FLImperial Cabriolet 5$36952500 kg
6030-FMImperial Brougham 5--
6030-SSedan5$32952484 kg
6033-STown Sedan 5$33452461 kg
6035Convertible Coupe2--
6075Imperial Sedan 7$36452536 kg
6075-BLimousine (spec. back)7--
6075-DLimousine 7--
6075-ELimousine 7--
6075-FLImperial Cabriolet 7$38452536 kg
6075-FMImperial Brougham 7--
6075-H3Limousine 7--
6075-H4Limousine 7--
6075-0Imperial Sedan 7--
6075-SSedan7$34452520 kg
  • Some confusion exists regarding style numbers on the 1934-35 Fleetwood bodies.
  • Following the previous Fleetwood system, V-8's would be 56- or 60- styles, V-12's would be 57- or 61- styles, and V-16's would be 58- or 62- styles.
  • This system was followed in promotional literature, in the 1934 Master Parts List, and in early factory records.
  • However, since the bodies were identical for all these series, Fleetwood stamped all body plates 57- or 60-.
  • Master Parts Lists after 1934 used only 57- or 60- style numbers for 1934-35 Fleetwood bodies.
  • Starting in 1936, V-8 and V-12 style numbers reflected the new 1936 series designations, but V16's retained the 57- system.
  • However the 60- styles were no longer offered.


TypeNinety degree L-head.
CylindersEight cylinders.
CrankcaseCast iron block on aluminum crankcase.
Bore & Stroke85.7mm x 125.4mm
Displacement5.793 Liters
Compression Ratio6.25:1 std. 5.75:1 opt.
Brake Horsepower130 hp @ 3400 rpm
Power97 kW @ 3400 rpm
SAE/Taxable Horsepower36.45.
Main bearingsThree.
Valve liftersMechanical.
CarburetorDetroit lubricator, model 51.


FeatureSeries 10Series 20Series 30Commercial
Overall length5271mm5470mm5780mm 
Front/Rear Tread1508mm1508mm1508mm 
Rear Tread1575mm1575mm1575mm 
Tires7.00 x 177.00 x 177.00 x 17-


TransmissionSelective, synchro transmission.
Speeds3 Forward 1 Reverse
ControlsLeft Hand Drive, Center control, emergency brake lever at left -- under panel (rhd opt).
ClutchTwin disc clutch.
DriveShaft drive, Hotchkiss.
Axle3/4 floating rear axle
Drive Typespiral bevel drive.
Overall ratio[Series 10, 20] 4.60:1 std., 4.36, 4.8:1 opt. [Series 30] 4.80:1 std., 4.60:1 opt.
BrakesMechanical brakes with vacuum assist on four wheels.
WheelsWire wheels.
Wheel size17 in. drop center.


Sidemount cover(s)$20.00 ea.
Standard Radio$64.50
Master Radio$74.50
Seat covers.-
Flexible steering wheel-


1935 Cadillac Notes

  • Introduced: January, 1935 (continuation of 1934 line).
  • Model year production V-8: 2989.
  • Model year production of V-12: 377.
  • Model year production of V-16: 50
  • Innovations: All steel Turret Top - Fisher bodies only.
  • Nicholas Dreystadt was general manager
  • Ernest W. Seaholm was chief engineer
  • J. C. Chick was general sales manager until December
  • Don E. Ahrens (who would become general manager in 1950) became general sales manager in December