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—SERIES 314—August, 1926
(Chassis Unit Number 1-29675. Steering Unit Number 1-30501)

1927 Cadillac

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1927 Cadillac Roadster

Model 341 distinctives:


  • Sport Coupe and Sport Sedan added to Standard line.
  • Convertible Coupe and Double Cowl (Sport) Phaeton added to "Custom" line.
  • Custom bodies by Fleetwood, Brunn, Willoughby, and others available.
  • Wheelbase on Standard seven passenger Sedan and Imperial now 3505mm
  • Standard Victoria made five passenger by removing the parcel compartment.
  • New radiator shell with sharp corner between top and front surfaces and with round emblem on black background.
  • Roadster and Phaetons have forward folding windshields.
  • Monogram panel on Touring and Phaetons extended to cowl, and vertical molding in front of rear door moved back of door.
  • Light controls moved from instrument panel to steering wheel.
  • New instrument panel of walnut with silver inlay effect.
  • "Custom" cars and Standard Sport models have Nickel cowl band and side lights.
  • All cars have large (254mm) headlights; black body on Standard, all Nickel on "Custom".
  • Horn of vibrator type, with bent trumpet.

    1927 Cadillac

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    1927 Cadillac

  • Fender wells standard on Sport Coupe and Sedan, and on Sport Phaeton.
  • Bumpers and motometer standard on "Custom" line and Standard Sport Models.


  • At Steering Gear Unit Number 1-44906, steering gear was changed back to worm and sector type.

Drive Line:

  • 4.9:1 is the only final drive ratio offered.


  • Early 1927, at Engine Unit Number 1-41001 (Chassis Unit Number 1-40994): Practically everything on the outside of the engine, except the carburetor, was relocated.
  • The overall appearance, except for the location of the starter, now resembled the soon to be introduced 303 LaSalle engine.
  • Generator and water pump were moved to lower right front corner of engine and were driven by a common chain.
  • The fan was once more on a separate bracket, still belt driven.
  • The distributor went from the rear to the front of the engine and onto a common shaft with the oil pump, now inside the engine.
  • The fuel pressure pump was now at the rear of the engine, driven by a connecting rod.
  • The starter was moved forward and now drives through gear teeth cut on the front face of the flywheel.


1927 Cadillac

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1927 Cadillac

  • Serial numbers were not used on the 1927 Cadillac.
  • Engine numbers stamped on crankcase immediately above the base of the oil filler spout and on plate on dash.
  • Starting: 142021. Ending: 150619.


Standard Body Styles
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
69702-dr.Brougham5P$29951895 kg
69802-dr.Coupe2P$31001866 kg
70002-dr.Sport Coupe2P$35002027 kg
70302-dr.Victoria5P$31951905 kg
69904-dr.Sedan5P$32501941 kg
70404-dr.Sport Sedan5P$36502086 kg
70504-dr.Sedan7P$34001986 kg
70104-dr.Imperial7P$35352036 kg
"Custom" Body Styles
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
70202-dr.Convertible Coupe2/4P$34501955 kg
66802-dr.Coupe5P$38552030 kg
66904-dr.Sedan5P$39952030 kg
66704-dr.Suburban7P$41252082 kg
67004-dr.Imperial7P$43502098 kg
6680-L2-dr.Cabriolet Coupe5P$3955-
6690-L4-dr.Cabriolet Sedan5P$4095-
6670-L4-dr.Cabriolet Suburban7P$4225-
6700-L4-dr.Cabriolet Imperial7P$4450-
11652-dr.Roadster2/4P$33501918 kg
11644-dr.Phaeton4P$34501943 kg
1164-B4-dr.D.C. Phaeton4P$39752023 kg
11634-dr.Touring7P$34501948 kg
Fleetwood Body Styles
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
2891-Limousine Brougham-$5525-
2925-Town Cabriolet
(seats forward)
3200-Town Cabriolet
(opera seats)
3202-Coupe with rumble2P$4775-
3261-Imperial Cabriolet5P$5125-
3261-S-Sedan Cabriolet5P$4975-
3276-Imperial Cabriolet7P$5375-
3291-Limousine Brougham-$5525-
3012-Trans. Cabriolet7P--
2950-Convertible Cabriolet7P--
Brunn Body Styles
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
1810-Collapsible Cabriolet4P--
1915-Sedan Landau6P--
NA-Town Cabriolet-$4800-
Willoughby Body Styles
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
NA-Town Cabriolet-$4800-

Semi-commercial line: Continuation of 1926.


1927 Cadillac

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1927 Cadillac 314

Engine Description Ninety degree V-8. L-head. Cast iron blocks of four on Aluminum crankcase.
Bore and Stroke 79.4mm x 130.2mm
Displacement 5.155 Liters
S.A.E./Taxable/N.A.C.C. H.P. 31.25
Main bearings Three
Valve lifters Mechanical lifters with roller acting directly on cams
Carburetor float feed, aux air control; manufactured by Cadillac under C. F. Johnson patents.


  All Standard Cars except 7P Sedan and Imperial. Custom Roadster and Conv. Coupe. Semi-commercial All Custom Cars except Roadster land Conv. Coupe. Standard 7P Sedan and Imperial
Wheelbase 3353mm 3810mm 3505mm
Front/Rear Tread 1422mm 1422mm 1422mm
Tires 33 x 6.75 low pressure 33 x 6.75 low pressure 33 x 6.75 low pressure


1927 Cadillac

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1927 Cadillac Model 314

Transmission Selective sliding gear transmission, case in unit with engine
Speeds 3 Forward and 1 Reverse
Control Left drive, center control (rhd opt)
Clutch Multiple dry disc clutch
Drive Shaft drive
Axle Spiral bevel, full floating rear axle
Overall ratio 4.91:1
Brakes Mechanical brakes on four wheels
Wheels Wood artillery wheels, split rim, 12 spoke. Note: Disc wheels standard on Standard Sport Coupe and Sedan. Wire wheels standard on Custom Sport Phaeton.
Wheel size 21 in.


Front bumper for Standard cars $25.00
Rear bumper for Standard cars $25.00
Tire covers $6.25-17.50
Black radiator shell NC
Heater $40.00
Trunk rack $50.00
Trunks $55.00-91.00
Arm rest on Std line $25.00
Motometer on Std line $10.00
Cowl lamps on Standard line $75.00
Nickel headlights on Standard line $10.00
33 x 5 high pressure tires NC
Disc wheels set of 5 NC
Disc wheels set of 6, w/dual carrier $25.00
Wire wheels set of 5 $140.00
Wire wheels set of 6, w/dual carrier $175.00
6 Wire wheels, fender wells $350.00
6 Disc wheels, fender wells $240.00
6 Wood wheels, fender wells $200.00


1927 Cadillac

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1927 Cadillac 314 Victoria Coupe

1927 Cadillac Notes

  • The 1927 Cadillac Series 314 was a continuation of 1926 models.
  • Some new body styles introduced August, 1926.
  • Calendar year sales: (1927) 8599.
  • Calendar year production: (1927) 8599.
  • Model two year sales: 50619 (Aug. '25 through Sep. '27).
  • Model two year production: 50619 (Aug. '25 through Sep. '27).
  • Lawrence P. Fisher was president
  • Ernest W. Seaholm was chief engineer
  • H. M. Stephens was general sales manager
  • "Fifty body styles and types—Five hundred color and upholstery combinations" was Cadillac's catch phrase for their new program to individualize the motor car. Change was constant; everything was tried; and pilot models were sold but not cataloged. The catalog was but a starting point—the customer could pick almost any combination of bits and pieces and have a unique motor car without the expense of a full custom. Authenticity of surviving cars may be in question because of the multitude of possible variations. In the final analysis; if it has a vertical starter motor, it's most likely a 314.